Packaging Waste Recycling Goals

Packaging Waste Recycling Goals

What should be the Target of Packaging Waste Recycling Goal?


     Meaning of recycling as a term explained as, recyclable waste materials that are out of use are recycled as raw materials by various recycling methods.

     Firstly, the need for raw materials is reduced by being able to participate in the recycling ring of consumed materials. Thus, the increase in consumption in parallel with the increase in the human population will prevent the natural balance and damage to the nature. However, using recyclable materials as raw materials makes it possible to save a large amount of energy. For example, using recyclable aluminum provides up to 35% energy savings compared to manufacturing aluminum from scratch.


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CLAUSE 17 -(1)  Marketers who are not members of the notified body and the notified body are obliged to recover packaging waste at the rates indicated in the table below.

     In achieving these goals, it is very important to properly design the waste separation stations, which are separated by using the physical (magnetism, density, part size, etc.) properties of solid waste, and to design appropriate designs by analyzing the waste location characteristics and quantities of the project.