Landfill Gas

Landfill Gas

What is Landfill Gas(LasaFG)?

     Landfill gas as a result of physical and chemical deterioration and decay of municipal solid waste the resulting by-product

          - 50% methane gas(CH4)

          - 50% carbondioxide (CO2)

          - <1% Organic compounds (NMOCs) which are not methane gas

     If not controlled, LFG can cause global warming, safety and health problems.


Why are LFG projects attractive?

* Local and regional benefits

   * Prevention of air pollution (global warming).

      * Electricity generation (sustainable green energy).

         * Prevention of explosion risk.

            * Elimination of aesthetic (odor, image) problems.


Garbage Gas Energy Recovery

     If the storage gas generated in regular storage areas is not collected and evaluated by appropriate techniques, it poses a great risk for human and environmental health due to its explosive and flammable-flammable properties. In order to eliminate this risk, the gas generated in the storage areas can be collected by appropriate techniques and burned by means of flare. However, this gas, which also has a great energy value, can be used as natural gas by purification, or by producing energy by using the gas in direct engines. In addition, since methane gas, which has 23 times more greenhouse gas effect than carbon dioxide gas, is eliminated, great contributions are made to emission reduction.